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Our Mission

Mindful parent, mindful earth

Each person, in Portugal, produces 473 kg of waste per year, part of this is a result of disposable nappies, baby wipes, disposable sanitary pads, tampons, incontinence pads and breast pads. 

The average baby from birth to toddler, will require 6,000 nappy changes and more than double in baby wipes. This equates to costs averaging 1500€ to 3000€ per child for nappies alone.
The average woman will spend approximately 80€ per year on disposable sanitary items, which over the lifetime of their menstrual cycle alone, can equate to an average of 2200€ to 3000€. The statistics are alarming, and so our goal has been to continue to offer the ultimate alternatives to everyday needs, aiding where we can, families in their journey to a more mindful lifestyle.
Olivia Diapers is proud to partner only with a factories and suppliers that comply with all fair labor standard laws.
Our Code of Conduct and Corporate Policies establish minimum requirements for all suppliers in the areas of labor standards, human rights, and business ethics.
All Olivia Diapers' manufacturing partners have been selected based on the quality and safety of materials used for manufacturing, as well as fair working conditions and fair treatment of workers. All workers are given fair wages and work in a professional environment. Our diaper manufacturing partner has been in the cloth diapering and children's manufacturing business for over 10 years.